Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The last few months of 2010 kinda sucked and I let myself wallow in it a bit.
I had a little "get your head out of your ass" talk with myself recently and decided to put down some resolutions so I can hold myself accountable.

The "I will do" resolutions: 
  • Lose weight, stay away from fast food, get myself and the kids out of the house more, get some exercise, save money and cook healthier meals for my family.  All of this may lead to another baby I hope.  I would also like to make this blog into something worth reading but I find myself eating cold mac and cheese and reading about the lives of women and mommies I want to be like. So not productive.

The "Things I need to remember" resolutions: 
  • That believing in karma or doing unto others means thoughts as well as actions. A smile and a kind word are sometimes better than trying to fix everything. 
  • I am an adult now and even though I want to stay in denial about it, my parents are getting older and I need to step up to not only be a good daughter but to show my kids how to treat their parents. I can yell all I want but setting the example is usually what works.
  • Speaking of yelling.  I need to stop.  I swore I would never spank, yell or bribe my kids but I screwed that up once the threes hit town.  It does no good to yell at little kids  I learned that from my childhood and it beaks my heart to see the tears it causes and to hear that same anger in my voice that I heard in my Dads. It has to stop.
  • I also need to remember that possessions do not equal happiness.  I am usually good at this one but the internet makes retail therapy too damn easy.
I really hope 2011 is a better year.  There is a lot to look forward to.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the season of ick.

We are all still coughing and I am out of cough drops! Made it to the store yesterday but forgot to get more. The sink is so full of dishes I cannot see it.  We have no clean towels and Sutt has no clean pants.  Looks like it is pajama day.  I make myself feel better by telling myself that Sutt will look back on our pajama days fondly as if I am a cool Mom and it was all part of my plan.  I will quietly smile because I was just a slack ass and got away with it.