Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have no excuse

I figure I might as well get two posts in for the year. I spend so much time reading other blogs that I do not have time for my own. Oh well, someday. The part time job doesn't help either.
A lot has happened since my last one.  I gave up on the cloth diapering.  Mr. O shits too much. Yes, really. He is off dairy and that has helped but there is no rhyme or reason to what triggers the massive explosions of poo so I figured that saving my sanity is more important than saving money.  I am ok with that :)
Mr. S hit the ripe age of 4 back in April so he started bother some other lady at a place called Pre K. Those first few days were teary for him. I, on the other hand,  ran out the door.
Mr. O is a heathen. We were totally tricked by the ease of the first kid and every time the thought of baby #3 rears its head, something like this happens.

I turned 37 and got my first Kindle.  I have since done an even better job of neglecting my kids. Not really but my husband considers the Kindle "the other man".
My Dad has survived 3 surgeries to remove cancer, two rounds of chemo and my Mom moving in with him again.  They have been divorced since I was 3 months shy of 18 but she stepped up and became house keeper, driver, personal assistant and nothing short of a saint.  My Dad has returned the favor by getting her to the er in time when her kidneys protested the meds she was taking for pneumonia and she passed out.
I am so blessed that my parents are willing to help each other.  I live 3 hours away from them and I have no siblings to help care for them.  Watching your parent ail and age truly sucks.
I can hear screams from the other room so this is all you get for now. I am going on about 3 hours of sleep and a half pot of coffee.
It is going to be one of those days.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I  have been somewhat successful in my goals for the new year. I have almost completely made the switch to cloth diapers. I have built up a small but heavily used stash of the following:
7 Kissaluvs fitteds (my fave so far)
2 Thirsties covers in Ocean (one snap, one aplix)
10 Kushies (This is a great beginner diaper but I quickly became a fitted and cover fan)
I am making do with this stash but have a great backup stash thanks to the lovely Elissa from
Hope I did that linky thing right.  I am sure it could look better but I am know for halfassing it. Yes, that is a too a word!
I have also been diligent about entering giveaways online which is also known as letting your kids run wild until the youngest figures out how to remove the Kushie AIO and pee on the living room floor. No more letting him run around pantsless unless he is wearing the Thirsties snap cover!
So far I have won two Tiny Tush Elites. I am very excited to add them to my stash and try them out. Now if they will only get here.
I am down 4.5 lbs since the first of the year. Yeah it is not much but I'll take it!
I also got picked to do the House Party Philly Dinnertime Dilema Event. I am in a total rut when it comes to feeding the family so this is a very good thing. Between having to come up with something the husband will eat as well as the kiddos I am tired of cooking. I always swore I would not be the fish sticks and mac & cheese kinda Mom but my kids taste buds and lack of funds decided otherwise.
Will update again soon, promise.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another resolution I forgot to mention

I have been trying to win cloth diapers so I can gather enough to switch over from disposable.  Not having much luck so when I discoved some $ in my Papal account and got a 20% code for Amazon, I decided to bit the bullet.  I have tried the Kushies All In One and really liked it.  I decided to try their Ultra Lite and hope to have 10 of those next week. I am excited but I have a feeling once I scrape that first poop I might feel a bit differently. Crossing my fingers that Ollie stays on his current, and regular pooping schedule.