Thursday, February 24, 2011

I  have been somewhat successful in my goals for the new year. I have almost completely made the switch to cloth diapers. I have built up a small but heavily used stash of the following:
7 Kissaluvs fitteds (my fave so far)
2 Thirsties covers in Ocean (one snap, one aplix)
10 Kushies (This is a great beginner diaper but I quickly became a fitted and cover fan)
I am making do with this stash but have a great backup stash thanks to the lovely Elissa from
Hope I did that linky thing right.  I am sure it could look better but I am know for halfassing it. Yes, that is a too a word!
I have also been diligent about entering giveaways online which is also known as letting your kids run wild until the youngest figures out how to remove the Kushie AIO and pee on the living room floor. No more letting him run around pantsless unless he is wearing the Thirsties snap cover!
So far I have won two Tiny Tush Elites. I am very excited to add them to my stash and try them out. Now if they will only get here.
I am down 4.5 lbs since the first of the year. Yeah it is not much but I'll take it!
I also got picked to do the House Party Philly Dinnertime Dilema Event. I am in a total rut when it comes to feeding the family so this is a very good thing. Between having to come up with something the husband will eat as well as the kiddos I am tired of cooking. I always swore I would not be the fish sticks and mac & cheese kinda Mom but my kids taste buds and lack of funds decided otherwise.
Will update again soon, promise.