Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have no excuse

I figure I might as well get two posts in for the year. I spend so much time reading other blogs that I do not have time for my own. Oh well, someday. The part time job doesn't help either.
A lot has happened since my last one.  I gave up on the cloth diapering.  Mr. O shits too much. Yes, really. He is off dairy and that has helped but there is no rhyme or reason to what triggers the massive explosions of poo so I figured that saving my sanity is more important than saving money.  I am ok with that :)
Mr. S hit the ripe age of 4 back in April so he started bother some other lady at a place called Pre K. Those first few days were teary for him. I, on the other hand,  ran out the door.
Mr. O is a heathen. We were totally tricked by the ease of the first kid and every time the thought of baby #3 rears its head, something like this happens.

I turned 37 and got my first Kindle.  I have since done an even better job of neglecting my kids. Not really but my husband considers the Kindle "the other man".
My Dad has survived 3 surgeries to remove cancer, two rounds of chemo and my Mom moving in with him again.  They have been divorced since I was 3 months shy of 18 but she stepped up and became house keeper, driver, personal assistant and nothing short of a saint.  My Dad has returned the favor by getting her to the er in time when her kidneys protested the meds she was taking for pneumonia and she passed out.
I am so blessed that my parents are willing to help each other.  I live 3 hours away from them and I have no siblings to help care for them.  Watching your parent ail and age truly sucks.
I can hear screams from the other room so this is all you get for now. I am going on about 3 hours of sleep and a half pot of coffee.
It is going to be one of those days.


Heather said...

Thanks for following my blog, ToddlerToDo! Sounds like you had quite a year! I too, gave up on cloth diapers... I don't like to discourage anyone who wants to try, but I'm sure you'll agree laundry really does become a part-time job when you do them!

Elissa P. said...

I wish you blogged more. <3