Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another resolution I forgot to mention

I have been trying to win cloth diapers so I can gather enough to switch over from disposable.  Not having much luck so when I discoved some $ in my Papal account and got a 20% code for Amazon, I decided to bit the bullet.  I have tried the Kushies All In One and really liked it.  I decided to try their Ultra Lite and hope to have 10 of those next week. I am excited but I have a feeling once I scrape that first poop I might feel a bit differently. Crossing my fingers that Ollie stays on his current, and regular pooping schedule.


Elissa said...

Yay cloth diapers!

Scraping's not that bad. I only ever shook off the really "formed" stuff and the rest just went in the washer as is!

Proud of you!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Well keep an eye on my blog then! I have a cloth diaper giveway in the works! Follow me and you can stay up to date when I post it.

I am a new follower of you too! ;)

onesockmissing said...

Just saw your comment Marni! Yay! I will stalk you too!